My glorious, magnificent, adventurous and hot trip to Sweden and back

Dedicated to: The guy from the gas station in Odense, who thought of something typical to eat in Denmark and actually came up with Hot Dogs. The girl in the swedish cinema, who read a whole movie script just to tell me what it was about. Sebastian, who I met on the street in Malmö and showed me his restaurant. The guest from the hostel, who would have let me sleep on the coach, because it was too late to book a room. The guy from the pizzaria in the middle of nowhere, who couldn’t speak any English or German and still spoke to me for an hour and didn’t let me pay for my tea. My mom’s car, which was just perfect for the trip, even for breakfast or as a bed. The man, who came out in the rain just to explain how the heck it works to put gas in a car in Sweden. The sweet guy from the bookshop in Helsingborg, who ran outside to read a sign I couldn’t understand; who also guided me through a park, that later turned out to be a graveyard. The girl from the gas station in Ekeby, who wrote me down where to go. The 7 Eleven-man, who made me the best coffee for days and told me I should take the ferry instead of heading to Oslo. Judyta, who helped me out in Hamburg. Markus from the bar „St. Pauli“, who made us laugh and treated us with chocolate. My mother, who showed me how to have adventures.


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